412 RDA BF

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16 mm RDA BF

Made in Florence (Italy)

  • RDA BF atomizer
  • Built entirely in 316L STAINLESS Steel, with PEEK insulators and BF PIN mounted in 18k Gold-plated Lead-free Brass.
  • Internal trays capacity: 0.5 ml
  • Dimensions: 16×33 mm excluding Drip Tip
  • Empty weight: 30g


  • Air adjustment via ring nut with holes of 1.2 – 1.4 – 1.6 – 1.8 (mm)
  • Internal bell adjustable from the outside via a 3.5 mm Allen key (included in the package) available stroke: 3 mm / 3 turns of the key like its brother 326 RBA
  • Air system hollowed out in the positive turret which makes the shot clean and contrasted and at the same time generates a powerful hit suitable for all tobacco liquids, single and flavoured.
  • Air under-coil with 1.8mm hole.
  • Extra-short stroke threaded Top Cap, just a little more than half a turn to access the deck quickly thanks to the custom thread made specifically for him.
  • only 3 pieces to disassemble to carry out the classic standard washing despite the various mechanisms of this Dripper, Top Cap, Deck and Bottom.
  • Double turret deck with tightening screws and wire support shoulders for quick and convenient regeneration.
  • Semi-orbital regulation of the air flow with stop through a special processing under the deck. The bottom including the air ring rotates on the deck to position the holes where you prefer. Once the atomizer has been tightened on the cup of the box, the bottom tightens automatically and by turning the ring you can choose the preferred hole.
  • 100% compatible with the 326 RBA Special Bells



  • 1x “412” RBA including Drip Tip 412 Short Black and standard flat bell mounted
  • 1x Drip Tip 412 Long Black
  • 1x Aesthetic Ring 16/22mm
  • 1x Allen key 3.5 mm
  • 1x Allen key 3.5 mm
  • 1x Spare Parts
  • 1x Blind PIN