4.32 “Nightmare” Anniversary Limited Edition

369,90 Tasse incluse

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4⋅32 SCUDERIA “Nightmare”

We are proud to present the first exclusive product dedicated to the SCUDERIA.
on the occasion of the first year since the birth of our first atomizer,
we offer you the most prestigious version of the 4.32 RDTA, codenamed Nightmare.

This collectible jewel comes in its hand-finished birch wood box with engraved steel logos and includes:

  • 4.32 EVO RDTA SCUDERIA “Nightmare” in DLC finish
  • Top Cap SCUDERIA Leggenda (not present in the photo) in DLC finish
  • Standard bell in DLC finish
  • Dark bell in DLC finish
  • Flat bell in DLC finish
  • Turbine bell in DLC finish
  • Magnus bell in DLC finis

On request, for each box the personalization with engravings both on the packaging and on the atomizer is included in the price to make each piece truly unique.