Modena “Scuderia” Mech Tube

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We are finally happy to introduce you to Modena,
a fully mechanical tube with key lock.
extremely reliable and easy to clean.

510 cup
it has a hybrid attachment, an anti-short bottom and two holes to unscrew it from the atomizer if it gets stuck.
the polished threads have a coarse pitch and are therefore easy to clean and to tighten.

here lies our inventiveness, the key has practically no need for maintenance as it was designed.
it is a double spring balanced mechanism, which will allow you to place the mod on the table even when unlocked (atomizers up to 150 grams) and it will not activate.
The physical key does not conduct current directly and the task is entrusted to the golden spring under the polished contact screw.
the key lock is very simple and fast, once screwed in, just pull it back, rotate it 30 degrees and release it, the same action is done to unlock it.
the mechanism is orbital, it has a locking click and a sliding one on all 360 degrees.
disassembly is immediate, just unscrew the contact screw and the whole mechanism rises so that it can be cleaned piece by piece.
The Scuderia version, in addition to having the Scuderia graphics on the tube, has a 510 cup with an interchangeable steel ring that can be replaced with

the next addons that will come out.

Diameter: 22mm
Length: 80mm
Weight: 80gr
Compatible battery: 18650 (not included) ALWAYS USE BATTERIES WITH MAXIMUM DISCHARGE 20A

! Do not go below 0.6 Ohm!

Button: with lock
Interchangeable ring on cup 510
Fillets: Passo Grosso
Materials: 316L Stainless Steel and Lead Free Brass (80ppm)

NB: ONLY USE ATOMIZERS WITH PROJECTING PINS – we do not hold ourselves responsible for incorrect use of the product – can only be used by expert users who are familiar with OHM’s law.